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One of the most special aspects of FIT 6:10 is the people who make it an inspiring, motivating community. There's no better way to show why this gym should be your home than to share some words directly from the hearts of our members.  

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I first started working with Heather mid April of 2023.  I had never been a part of, nor wanted to be a part of an exercise program before.  I am in my 60's and was very overweight, actually considered obese.  I was seeking a way to get healthier and stronger in a way that would be sustainable.  At first she was my nutrition coach and trainer.  I now know almost everything I need to know about how/when to eat and can handle that part on my own. I have lost 48 lbs. and 26 inches so far and I'm stronger than I have ever been!  This is all while I have taken several trips to visit family and a vacation in Paris.  Heathers plan is sustainable!  I love going to workouts.  Everyone there is supportive, upbeat and positive. Heather is amazing in that she gives everyone personal attention while your working out.  She emphasizes correct form and safety with everyone every day. I feel like a huge bonus working with her is that she is available to answer questions any time, not just while you're at the gym. You can call, text or email her and she always responds.  Her nutrition and fitness plan works!!

- Merian Litchford

I found Heather and Fit610 in mid May this past year.  I have not worked out since high school and at age 47 decided to commit to getting in better shape. I have been going 5 days a week and after the first month or two decided to make some changes in my eating habits as well.  I am now down 29 lbs since I started in the eights months I have been coming!  Heather has created a space where I’ve felt inspired and have loved exercising and working hard.  Her instruction, correction on form, and her motivation have made this such a wonderful experience for me!  I look forward to going every day and seeing her and the community of women that encourage each other!  I am also learning tips on nutrition during the 6 week challenge we are doing.  I would absolutely recommend working with Heather and joining Fit610! 

- Heather Burgess


Working with Heather has been a game changer. I’ve worked with trainers and nutritionist over the years but never had the results that have been achieved while working with Heather. She runs a different model that is not a one size fits all plan. She takes your specific goals and creates a feasible plan and then modifies the plan as needed. This is what it took to help me not only meet but exceed my weight loss goals. I’ve also strengthen my core this year. For 2024 my goal is to add muscle. Heather never gave up on me, kept encouraging me to work the plan and tweeted the plan multiple times as needed. One of the benefits of working with Heather is having her in every class making sure your form is right to achieve the most benefit from each workout. I’m grateful for Heather and Fit 6:10.

- Rhonda Knight

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