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Welcome to FIT 6:10

a place that provides individualized training in a group setting

founded on community and dedicated to helping you reach your health goals

full of creativity and energy while focusing on a positive mindset


FIT 6:10 owner, Heather Mills, started her health journey 21 years ago when she had her first child. She knew it was important to prioritize her health, both physically and spiritually. As someone who struggled with anxiety and years of digestive issues, Heather knew it was important to focus on her overall health. She became super consistent and passionate about the mental and emotional results of exercise. 

In 2018, she dedicated 100% of her time to the educational understanding of exercise and nutrition. She became a certified trainer and nutritionist and has spent the last few years training at gyms in New York and Virginia. With the support of her husband and children, she knew it was time to step out and do something that lined up with her mission and vision to serve the community. Heather has not only created workouts that are creative but also a unique nutrition program that provided her long-lasting results. 

Heather is excited to not only bring an incredible workout experience to the Lynchburg community but also to give insight into the mental mindset and nutritional fuel our bodies need for healthy living. 

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